every white euro model has the same story they were raised on the ancestral farm and one day while walking to the big city a scout told them they should model and then they went home to tell their parents (who are cousins) over a bowl of boiled potato and sour cream stew that they’re moving to paris


" I’m Your Boy " ad truck in Shibuya Tokyo ^^  cr : adtruck48


when you walk towards a bird but it flies away



Why Shane Dawson Is Racist

  • Why Blackface Is Racist
  • The History of Blackface
  • Blackface & Black Minstrelsy in Relation to Stereotypical Black Characters
  • How Blackface & Black Minstrelsy Shaped White Perceptions of Black People Today
  • Briefly Explaining Modern Blackface
  • Brief Highlights of Cultural Appropriation By White Celebrities
  • Brief Highlights of Modern Day Blackface By White People



i’m still not over this bullshit and i’m never going to be

church-of-minho I need an explanation